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Air Compressor with 130 W Power Inverter


  • 1000-amp power pack with rechargeable AGM battery
  • Built-in 150-PSI air compressor for filling up tires and other inflatable items
  • 130-Watt Power Inverter
  • 400-amp 6-gauge booster clamps included

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The GoodYear 1000-Amp Power Pack and 150-PSI Air Compressor gives you portable power and air compression whenever you need it. The rechargable AGM battery holds more charges and is long-lasting, with a 12AH battery capacity. The built-in 150-PSI air compressor is great to fill up tires, sports equipment, air mattresses and other inflatable items. The 130-Watt Power Inverter allows you to change DC power to AC power. This power pack has a built-in 12-volt DC output socket and a USB port, allowing you to charge your devices when you need to. The industrial grade 400-amp 6-gauge booster clamps allow you to use this battery to jump-start your car. The built-in AC adaptor makes charging easy, and the LED battery status indicator tells you when the battery is running low. The built-in work light allows you to bring light to any situation.

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