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Devcon High-Strength 5 Minute Epoxy


  • Bonds rigid durable substrates such as metals, glass, china, stone, fiberglass ceramics, concrete and wood in all combinations
  • Forms a clear hard rigid bond self leveling liquid in minutes
  • Epoxy is waterproof and dries Clear
  • Includes 2 bottles 1 x Epoxy and 1 x Hardener
  • 2 part epoxy easily mixes to 1:1 ratio
  • 5 minute working time dries in 15 minutes (cures to functional strength in 1 hour)
  • 1 oz. size (Listed sizes are total weight divided into 2 tubes)
  • 5 Minute Epoxy sets in 5 minutes with strength up to psi 1,500 lbs. per square inch
  • Can be tinted with pigment or chalk to add color
  • Contains epoxy resin and polymercaptan amines

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Devcon epoxy adhesive cures and joins materials together by a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener. This reaction results in a high strength bond that is resistant to most chemicals and is 100% reactive, no solvents. Use Devcon Epoxy adhesive for household, industrial, crafts or for any job that requires a high-strength, high-quality bond that is water-proof and dries clear. This Rapid-curing, general-purpose adhesive/encapsulant which easily dispenses and mixes in seconds, dries in 15 minutes and reaches functional strength in 1 hour. Works best on metal, wood, concrete, glass, fiberglass, stone ceramics, china and much more. Devcon fast setting 5 Minute epoxy is available in a 1 oz set (total weight divided into 2 tubes). 5 Minute Epoxy sets in 5 minutes with strength up to 1,500 lbs. per square inch.

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