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Oster® Portable Fabric Steamer


  • Boardless ironing garment steamer, featuring 10 times more steam with the powerful steam blast compared to continuous blast
  • Compact, upright design for ease of use, portability, and storage
  • 2.4 meter long cable
  • power indicator light
  • Wrinkle remover plate designed to target stubborn wrinkles and dry fabric fibers preventing new wrinkles
  • Multiple steam outlets quickly penetrate areas of fabrics for fast, effective results
  • Steam lock button slides to allow steam flow
  • Steam shot that activates to generate a powerful shot of steam
  • Removable water tank with a capacity of 255 ml, which offers you up to 15 minutes of continuous steam

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The new Oster® GCTES100 Portable Fabric Steamer freshens clothes and helps remove wrinkles quickly and easily. Use it in different spaces around the house or take it on a trip to smooth out suitcase wrinkles. Disinfects and removes bad odors from curtains, fabric furniture, bedding and mattresses. With 15 minutes of continuous steam you can remove wrinkles from multiple garments without having to stop and refill the water tank.


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