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Water Filter Pitcher


Water Filter Jug: With a pour-through lid, fast flow filtration and a slim design to fit most refrigerator doors, this BPA-free, dishwasher safe filter jug reduces impurities to greatly improve taste and aroma


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  • Superior Filtration: Our Universal filter features 5-step filtration technology to reduce contaminants such as chlorine, zinc, cadmium, copper and mercury for better tasting water; Compatible with 90 percent of leading brands
  • Reduce Plastic and Save Money: Replacing bottled water with filtered tap water will considerably reduce your carbon footprint; Each filter can potentially remove 200 single use plastic bottles from use
  • Taste the Difference: We carry a full line of filter jugs, replacement water filters, instant hot and cold filtered water dispensers and water filter chillers for all of your household
  • Aqua Optima: Our filters significantly reduce the amount of unwanted substances found in tap water, including microplastics, chlorine, limescale, and heavy metals to bring you purer water that tastes great
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